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Zenhathitude is a result of our many journeys across the globe, combining different cultures that we have encountered while picking up skills and thrills that our beautiful planet has to offer. 

Many people in the countryside live in poverty and despair without the realization that there are many income generating activities untapped around them. The normal resolve is to venture into the big cities to look for casual jobs which are not sustainable amidst higher standard of living in a less friendly environment. In worst cases, some turn to crime and drugs out of desperation and crave for a thrilling lifestyle.

Zehathitude has identified this problem and has since derived its main objective from this. Our program aims to ensure sustainable incomes and development for focus groups from local communities, through income generating activities that are culturally motivated and passed across generations.

We have been in existence for a year that has seen us pilot out program in the Ukambani region in Kenya, where crafts have been a traditional practice for generations. With sisal plantation doing very well in the region, weaving has become an important and successful program for Zenhathitude to expand for the community. With an initial workforce of only 5 weavers, the number has since grown to 15 weavers that turn the sisal into ropes and mats that will in turn be purchased by Zenhathitude to be used in the production of coffee tables and poofs.

Zenhathitude also crafts creatively designed ipad bags and accessories that help fund the social projects. 

The long term aim is to let the community take over all aspects of the production and administration of the various projects.

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