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The main reason Sisal is the main material in our products is because it is easy for the beneficiaries in our current program to cultivate and prepare. There are however may other advantages that come with it

Sisal is sustainable and 100% biodegradable, meaning your products will last for long and you do not have to worry about destroying the environment by buying our coffee tables and poofs, as well as our other sisal-made products.

It is also extremely hard wearing and strong. It is basically one of the toughest fibres in the natural plant fibre flooring range. That means that it will be a while before you start experiencing any wear or tear in our products.

Sisal is anti-static, due to its natural fibres helping to control the humidity in the atmosphere, which means in your living room too! This is a great bonus if you have computers and other electronics in your room setting. This feature also means that your floor is less likely to attract dirt.


With our sisal-made products in your house or office, you can also enjoy sound insulation. For those prone to allergies and asthmatic reactions, guess what… sisal made products are recommended for you! Sisal can only be dyed using natural dyes, and so do our products, thus you don’t have to worry about our sisal-made products fading. You should also know that our sisal mats and carpets can provide you with a natural “massage” for the soles of your feet. 

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