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At Zenhathitude, we believe and practice what we call the 3R policy, RECYCLING-REUSE-RENEW. All our programs and products are carved around this policy, which contributes to our commitment in looking after the environment. 


Our production processes makes use of waste materials which are converted to avoid wastage, pollution and consumption of fresh raw materials. The quality of the products is however maintained as we have adhered to ISO standards relating to recycling.


Some of our products also contain materials contain materials that are being used again creatively for a different purpose. This helps our program beneficiaries save time, money, energy and resources. In broader economic times, our craftsmen and craftswomen get to make quality products with limited means, while generating jobs and business activity that contribute to their individual economies.


Use of renewable resources are a key part of our programs and products. A lot of our key components to running our programs and producing our products are renewed with the aim of making it easier and more cost effective. It is important not to leave the programs to the local communities with difficult operating conditions, making it unsustainable. 

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