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Our Story

Zenhathitude is a result of our many journeys across the globe, combining different cultures that we have encountered while picking up skills and thrills that our beautiful planet has to offer. 

Jan 15 2016

Advantages of using Sisal

The main reason Sisal is the main material in our products is because it is easy for the beneficiaries in our current program to cultivate and prepare. There are however may other advantages that come with it

Jan 15 2016

Behind the scenes

At Zenhathitude, we believe and practice what we call the 3R policy, RECYCLING-REUSE-RENEW. All our programs and products are carved around this policy, which contributes to our commitment in looking after the environment. 

Jan 15 2016

Upcoming Events

Wondering how you can get to view our products? Or maybe you may want to experience how they work and what exactly you can use them for, maybe also get one custom made to suit your color, design or purpose...

Jan 15 2016

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